Through-Body is a term for porcelain tile that has pigment mixed throughout the body of the tile. The color on the surface of the tile is homogenous throughout the tile; from the top to the underside. It is also referred to as “Un-Glazed Porcelain Tile”, as it does not have a glazed surface.  It is extremely durable, has a very high abrasion resistance and is the best type of porcelain to be used in airports, shopping malls, hospitals and other heavy commercial sites. For most homes, this type of porcelain tile is an overkill and often has a commercial or institutional look that doesn’t suit residential settings.

Color-Body is porcelain tile that has pigments mixed throughout the body to coordinate with the colors of the glazed surface of the tile. The glazed surface is the part of the tile that provides its decoration, look and style. If the glazed surface is chipped, the “color body” matches the overall color of the surface; thereby making a chip less noticeable.