The Tile Council of North America allows “tile-over-tile” floor & wall installations as described in the TCNA Handbook Detail TR712 and TR713. An on-site inspection is necessary to determine if this method is suitable. 

Not all thin-sets are capable of bonding directly to tile surfaces. Consult setting materials manufacturers for recommended thin-set mortars. In some cases, the surface of the tile to be bonded to must have the surface abraded to ensure a good bond. This should be confirmed with a “bond test”. 

Caution: Mechanical and chemical abrasion can release fine particles into the air. Appropriate safety equipment should be worn during this process.

While a tile-over-tile installation will minimize or eliminate removal & disposal, the new floor level will be ¾” to 1 ¼” higher. Kitchen cabinets, appliances and doorways to the exterior are affected and must be taken into consideration.